Public officials, Forest City associates and the Dogpatch community recently celebrated the start of construction on Pier 70, an expansive 28-acre waterfront neighborhood with new housing, waterfront parks, space for artists and local manufacturing, and rehabilitated historic buildings in San Francisco.

Rendering of Building 12's Makers Market Hall

You can check out the press release for all the details, but read on for insight from some of the people involved in this transformational mixed-use district.

"This is an inspiring location reflective of San Francisco's history of ingenuity that will once again be a major source of economic, civic and cultural value to the City. The Pier 70 project provides meaningful solutions to City priorities by building significant affordable housing, creating signature spaces to support the arts, and providing revenue generating local manufacturing and commercial uses. Congratulations to all who have dedicated themselves to achieving today's milestone."

– San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell

"I am so happy that after decades of work people who live just blocks from the Bay will now have access to the breathtaking waterfront. The revitalization of Pier 70 is so valuable because it builds new connections in this neighborhood and delivers over $750 million dollars in public benefits to the greater San Francisco community."

– San Francisco District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen

"This project is a testament to commitment, creativity and partnership that will result in the revitalization of this exciting part of the waterfront, connecting Dogpatch residents and the larger community to the San Francisco Bay. From its start, this project has had remarkable public support because of the exceptional collaborative process and hard work of all involved. This project will provide long-term value for the City and its residents."

– Port of San Francisco Executive Director Elaine Forbes

"We're building an entirely new mixed-use district that acknowledges the location's industrial history, the diverse character of the Dogpatch neighborhood, and an expansive waterfront location. The new Pier 70 will reflect the best of San Francisco with what will be premiere new waterfront parks, local establishments, restaurants, arts uses, and event spaces. We're really proud of this project, created in partnership with the City, Port and community, and thrilled to see it come to life."

– Forest City Chief Development Officer Ron Ratner

"Along the waterfront, imagine people dining at restaurants and bars, and a cultural arts building that opens up onto to an expansive lawn where residents are enjoying a concert. Meanwhile, people lounge on oversized porch swings taking in views of the Bay Bridge and downtown San Francisco. This is an inspired location where people will want to be."

– Forest City Sr. Vice President Jack Sylvan