2016 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORTFOCUSED PLACEMAKING2016 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT<img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/CSR/community_giving_volunteerism.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />



Focused Placemaking > Community Giving & Volunteerism<div class="restrictInterior generalContent"><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-embedcode ms-rte-embedil ms-rtestate-notify s4-wpActive" unselectable="on"><div class="restrictInterior generalContent" unselectable="on"><h1 unselectable="on">Community Giving & Volunteerism</h1><h2 unselectable="on">Volunteerism</h2><div unselectable="on">Every year, Forest City associates put our core value of community involvement into action by giving time, talent and resources to our neighbors. Our workforce devotes thousands of volunteer hours each year to working with, or serving as directors of, nonprofit organizations, creating a lasting positive impact. In 2016, more than 870 associates demonstrated their dedication to improving our communities by contributing 5,220 volunteer hours during Forest City's 13th annual Community Day. Our associates also utilize their talent through skills-based volunteering. In 2016, several members of our Legal staff conducted pro bono work and made more than $2,200 in individual contributions to support the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland.</div><div class="crreportHighlight" unselectable="on"> <a name="community-day-2016" class="bookmark" id="community-day-2016" unselectable="on"></a> <div class="crreportHighlightStory" unselectable="on"><h5 unselectable="on">Community Day 2016</h5><div class="crreportHighlightText" unselectable="on"><div unselectable="on">Working to give back to our communities is an essential part of creating thriving, vibrant properties and communities. Since 2004, Forest City has set aside an annual paid day of service for our associates to benefit local organizations in need. This year, our associates came together once again to work on projects to help revitalize their communities. Nearly 100 associates helped renovate the Gotham Professional Arts Academy in north central Brooklyn. Associates joined with Rebuilding Together NYC to paint classrooms and offices, make curtains for the black box theater, assemble gym equipment and build an outdoor vegetable garden for students and educators. In West Virginia, associates collected more than 250 children’s books to donate to a local daycare center and area libraries affected by recent flooding.</div><div unselectable="on"> <br unselectable="on">Hundreds of other Forest City associates throughout the country also worked with local nonprofits to help on a variety of projects. Below are some more organizations who benefitted from Community Day in 2016:</div><ul unselectable="on"><li unselectable="on">Dr. Theodore T. Alexander Jr. Science Center School in Los Angeles, California</li><li unselectable="on">Feline Conservation Center in Rosamund, California</li><li unselectable="on">Habitat for Humanity in West Portsmith, Ohio</li><li unselectable="on">Mary’s Center, a Federally Qualified facility providing health care, family literacy and social services in Washington, D.C.</li><li unselectable="on">Redondo Beach Public Library in Redondo Beach, California</li><li unselectable="on">Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania</li><li unselectable="on">Stark County Park District in Stark County, Ohio</li><li unselectable="on">Urban Community School in Cleveland, Ohio</li><li unselectable="on">Western Reserve Hospice in Cleveland, Ohio</li></ul><div unselectable="on">“Community Day is a special day at Forest City,” said MaryAnne Gilmartin, who leads the company’s New York office. “It is when we come together, no matter what our role in the company, work hard and see the fruits of our labor in one day. This is a wonderful opportunity and we are grateful to be a part of it.”</div><div unselectable="on"> <br unselectable="on">In addition to our volunteer efforts, Forest City creates significant and enduring social benefit through direct corporate giving. Our four areas of focus include economic development, workforce preparedness, educational attainment, and diversity and inclusion efforts in the communities where we operate. Several of our philanthropic activities from 2016 are listed below. </div></div></div><div class="crreportHighlightImage hs-communityday" unselectable="on"></div></div><div class="crreportCallout" unselectable="on"><hr unselectable="on" />More than 870 associates contributed 5,220 volunteer hours during our 13th annual Community Day <hr unselectable="on" /></div><div class="crreportHighlight" unselectable="on"> <a name="better-together-program" class="bookmark" id="better-together-program" unselectable="on"></a> <div class="crreportHighlightStory" unselectable="on"><h5 unselectable="on">Better Together Program</h5><div class="crreportHighlightText" unselectable="on"><div unselectable="on">Better Together is a companywide program established to give back to our local communities through volunteerism, donation and raising awareness. The program is a way for us to celebrate everything that Forest City associates do to enrich the lives of others.</div><div unselectable="on"> <br unselectable="on">Metro 417, a residential community in Los Angeles, is a perfect example of the benefits of the Better Together program. Metro 417 associates and residents have organized a charitable book club that meets monthly and is available to all residents. For every resident that attends a book club meeting, Metro 417 makes a donation on their behalf to the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) Adult Literacy Program. Residents are also encouraged to make their own book and monetary donations. Due to the support of both Forest City associates and residents, Metro 417 has plans to make a $1,000 donation to the LAPL.</div></div></div><div class="crreportHighlightImage hs-bettertogether" unselectable="on"></div></div><div class="crreportHighlight" unselectable="on"> <a name="hispanic-heritage-scholarships" class="bookmark" id="hispanic-heritage-scholarships" unselectable="on"></a> <div class="crreportHighlightStory" unselectable="on"><h5 unselectable="on">Hispanic Heritage Scholarships</h5><div class="crreportHighlightText" unselectable="on"><div unselectable="on">In September 2016, Forest City awarded three Hispanic college students in Cleveland, Ohio, with $1,000 scholarships. This donation is a result of our engagement with Esperanza, Inc., Ohio’s only nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Hispanic educational achievement. Esperanza selects scholarship recipients based on academic achievement, demonstrated financial need, volunteer and extracurricular involvement and an in-person interview. </div><div unselectable="on"> <br unselectable="on">“Esperanza’s outreach stretches beyond Cleveland,” said Sara Gonzalez, executive administrative assistant and co-chair of Unidos, Forest City’s Hispanic associate resource group. “Forest City’s core values of community involvement and diversity and inclusion align with (Esperanza’s) efforts to lift communities to their highest potential by investing in the future.”Since 2011, Forest City has supported Esperanza through both charitable donations and volunteer efforts that support Esperanza’s vision of serving as a model of academic and community excellence. In 2016, Unidos members organized a school supply drive, resulting in the donation of more than 1,350 items. Associates have also participated in Esperanza’s mentorship program and served on the organization’s scholarship committee.</div></div></div><div class="crreportHighlightImage hs-hispanicheritage" unselectable="on"></div></div><h2 unselectable="on">YWCA</h2><div unselectable="on">The YWCA of Greater Cleveland’s mission is eliminating racism and empowering women. We provide philanthropic support of the YWCA while also engaging associates in their intensive professional development programs. In 2016, we selected two Forest City associates to participate in the following YWCA leadership programs:</div><ul unselectable="on"><li unselectable="on">Quest is a program designed to increase leadership capacity, create intention toward career growth, and enhance external networks with other professionals in the Northeast Ohio area. Each monthly session is an opportunity to learn new strategies and skills, interact with peers and reflect on handling and solving real-world workplace challenges.</li><li unselectable="on">Bootcamp is a program designed to help individual contributors overcome common workplace challenges that women face as they climb the career ladder. The focus is on learning strategies to capitalize on opportunities, increase confidence and enhance competence as a leader. Boot Camp is uniquely structured to help build relationships, learn and test new ideas, and strengthen leadership presence and capabilities.</li></ul><h2 unselectable="on">Cleveland Leadership Center</h2><div unselectable="on">Forest City provides philanthropic support to the Cleveland Leadership Center (CLC), and we endow an annual college scholarship award for one student from CLC’s Look Up to Cleveland high school leadership program. In addition, through our CLC partnership, we selected three Forest City associates to participate in their leadership programs:</div><ul unselectable="on"><li unselectable="on">Bridge Builders is a program designed for mid-career professionals looking for fulfilling and impactful ways to advance the community. Cleveland Bridge Builders provides an environment that fosters teamwork, growth and learning to create a transformative experience that prepares participants for a greater role in the community.</li><li unselectable="on">Leadership Cleveland (LC) empowers recognized, senior-level leaders with knowledge, skills and relationships to advance and deepen their community impact. Through LC, participants are deeply immersed in community issues, develop collaborative leadership skills, establish a broader and more diverse network of community-focused leaders and gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of our civic system.</li><li unselectable="on">Onboard Cleveland is a leadership and civic development experience for early-career professionals who have been with their employer and/or industry sector for five years or less. The program enhances communication skills, strengthens workplace presence and creates connections between the participants, their employers and Northeast Ohio.</li></ul><div class="crreportColumnGroup" unselectable="on" style="text-align:center;"><div class="crreportColumns crreportColumn2" unselectable="on"><div unselectable="on"><h3 unselectable="on">2016 Charitable Contributions by Category</h3> <img alt="charitable_contributions.gif" src="/SiteCollectionImages/CSR/charitable_contributions.gif" unselectable="on" /> </div></div><div class="crreportColumns crreportColumn3" unselectable="on"><h3 unselectable="on">Volunteer Activities of Associates at Forest City-Organized Events</h3><table unselectable="on"><thead unselectable="on"><tr unselectable="on"><th unselectable="on"> </th><th unselectable="on">2013*</th><th unselectable="on">2014**</th><th unselectable="on">2015***</th><th unselectable="on">2016</th></tr></thead><tbody unselectable="on"><tr unselectable="on"><td unselectable="on">Number of Associates</td><td unselectable="on">1,081</td><td unselectable="on">1,079</td><td unselectable="on">1,244</td><td unselectable="on">935</td></tr><tr unselectable="on"><td unselectable="on">Total Number of Hours Volunteered</td><td unselectable="on">7,567</td><td unselectable="on">7,623</td><td unselectable="on">8,951</td><td unselectable="on">5,420</td></tr></tbody></table> <div class="footnotes" unselectable="on"> *2013 total includes Community Day only.<br unselectable="on"> **2014 total includes Community Day and Young Leaders.<br unselectable="on"> ***2015 total includes Community Day, Young Leaders and Techie Club. </div></div></div></div></div></div>Community Giving & VolunteerismFocused Placemaking > Community Giving & Volunteerism