2016 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORTFOCUSED PLACEMAKING2016 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT<img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/Misc.%20Banner%20Images/COMMUNICATION-2800X934.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />



Focused Placemaking > Communications & Transparency<div class="restrictInterior generalContent"><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-embedcode ms-rte-embedil ms-rtestate-notify s4-wpActive" unselectable="on"><div class="restrictInterior generalContent" unselectable="on"><h1 unselectable="on">Communications & Transparency</h1><div unselectable="on">Because a significant majority of our new development projects involve public-private partnerships, transparency and communication are essential to maintaining public support of our development projects. As long-term owners and community members, we value open and honest relationships. We build trust through frequent communication with our investors, community members, tenants, residents and associates. We seek our stakeholders’ input and use their feedback to identify new opportunities that enhance our ability to realize the power of place in our properties.</div><h2 unselectable="on">Tenant & Resident Communications</h2><div unselectable="on">To strengthen the sense of community within our developments, we actively engage our tenants and residents on a regular basis, particularly within our apartment communities. Each of our residential properties utilizes several means of communication to organize and advertise community events and to promote new amenities as they are made available. We encourage our residents to follow and engage with Forest City properties on social media outlets, where our associates post news items and information on upcoming events. Our social media accounts are also valuable resources for feedback on how to improve engagement activities across our portfolio.</div><div unselectable="on">In addition to social media engagement, each Forest City apartment community utilizes a resident communication system called Active Building, which allows our property management teams to connect with all residents on a group or individual basis. Active Building messages can range from event reminders to maintenance notices or serious safety alerts. Residents can also use Active Building to track package deliveries, request repairs and other services, reserve building amenities and submit guest authorizations. Some of our newer properties also display useful real-time data, such as current local traffic conditions, arrival times of public transportation and weather reports.</div><h2 unselectable="on">Investors</h2><div unselectable="on">We operate in an open and transparent manner to build and maintain trust with our existing and potential shareholders. We provide increased transparency through our financial disclosures and reporting to ensure our investors better understand our focus on creating inspiring places to live and work. For example, we have significantly expanded our annual Proxy Statement to include enhanced discussion of Diversity and Inclusion, as well as a section dedicated to our CR activity.</div><div unselectable="on">Forest City also continues to enhance our stakeholder transparency through more detailed and robust CR reporting. We began formally disclosing our CR activities in 2012 and progressed to a GRI G4 Core level CR report in 2015. In 2016, we submitted our CR performance to the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) annual Real Estate Assessment for the second year in a row. We are pleased to report Forest City received a Green Star rating from GRESB for performing in the top quartile among participants in our sector. In 2017, we will submit our performance again to GRESB.</div><div class="crreportCallout"><hr />In 2016, Forest City received a Green Star rating from GRESB for performing in the top quartile among participants in our sector.<hr /><br></div> <h2 unselectable="on">Internal Communications</h2><div unselectable="on">Our internal communications play a significant role in fostering positive morale in the workplace. We use these channels to make sure associates are aware of and engaged with new and ongoing initiatives across the company. Throughout 2016, executive leaders worked directly with the communications team to make multiple announcements and host meetings and events related to the company’s organizational transformation. Over the course of the year, Forest City held five companywide Town Hall events, sent more than 200 associate emails, and published nearly 100 news articles on MainStreet, our company intranet.</div><div unselectable="on">We also introduced a popular new communications tool in 2016 called the Team Meeting in Box. This monthly resource is a part of our ongoing efforts to ensure we equip managers with the latest information and resources needed to succeed in their roles. The meetings also provide a regular forum between Forest City associate teams and their managers.</div><div unselectable="on">Forest City’s Change Sponsor program also continued to provide significant benefits in its second year. Under the program, we collected associate feedback and sentiment for Forest City’s change management and communications activities. In 2016, associate scores increased across each of the survey’s dimensions (Understanding & Communication, Leadership, and Behavior & Morale). The higher scores reflect our associates' outlook about the state and direction of our company.</div><div unselectable="on">In 2017, we are excited to refresh the Forest City brand, complete with a new logo, website, mission, vision and strategic principles. Moving forward, these elements will provide a robust platform for Forest City to continue to engage associates and foster a thriving workplace culture. </div></div></div></div>Communications & TransparencyFocused Placemaking > Communications & Transparency