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Exceptional Performance > Resident and Tenant Health and Safety<div class="restrictInterior generalContent"><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-embedcode ms-rte-embedil ms-rtestate-notify s4-wpActive" unselectable="on"><div class="restrictInterior generalContent" unselectable="on"><h1 unselectable="on">Resident & Tenant Health & Safety</h1><div unselectable="on">Forest City places significant importance on protecting the people who live and work in or near our properties. Our on-site associates utilize safety and security best practices across our portfolio to minimize potential threats. In the event that an incident does occur, security personnel utilize their extensive training and planning to quickly and effectively respond to the situation.</div><h2 unselectable="on">On-Site Security</h2><div unselectable="on">Forest City’s Loss Prevention and Security staff manages the hiring and onboarding of all security associates. We staff three types of security personnel at our properties: hired professionals, local law enforcement officers and in-house management and associates. We require each property in our portfolio to have a detailed and comprehensive plan outlining the equipment and personnel needed to maintain the highest levels of safety and security. These key areas provide prevention and response plans for a wide range of scenarios, from active shooters and terrorist threats, to associate injuries and indoor air quality. We assess the types of people who will use our mixed-use buildings, including residents, shoppers, visitors and contractors, and we customize the level of access appropriate to each person. Several buildings in our portfolio are designated as part of the United States’ critical infrastructure by U.S. Homeland Security. We maintain the highest levels of safety and security at these properties by collaborating with U.S. Homeland Security. Through this partnership, Forest City shares security data with Homeland Security and receives special scenario-based training, such as active shooter drills in partnership with local law enforcement agencies. Through these crisis management training scenarios, we gain valuable insight on emergency response best practices and are better able to identify potential security gaps.</div><h2 unselectable="on">Disaster Response Plan</h2><div unselectable="on">We operate in cities and regions susceptible to the negative effects of climate change. We take preventative steps to increase our resiliency to potential disasters that may occur during the long life of our properties. Forest City maintains disaster response plans at both the corporate level and at each individual property. These plans cover each critical function of our company to ensure business continuity in the event of an unforeseen emergency or natural disaster. Our disaster response planning strengthens our resiliency so we may continue serving our tenants and residents before, during and after disasters occur. </div><h2 unselectable="on">Safe Construction Materials</h2><div unselectable="on">In all of our buildings, Forest City uses high-quality materials and safety equipment that exceed accepted industry standards. We utilize standardized user interfaces for all safety and fire suppression systems to enhance training efficiency and minimize the potential for user error. In addition, our insurance carrier conducts random, annual on-site inspections to ensure our properties maintain healthy indoor environments at all times.</div><h2 unselectable="on">Workplace Safety</h2><div unselectable="on">Workplace safety is paramount at all of our properties. On-site associates receive both onboarding and refresher safety training tailored to the specific risks associated with their roles. We strictly adhere to strong OHSA requirements across our portfolio and at all construction sites, which includes conducting monthly self-inspections that follow best practices and utilize OSHA-approved record keeping. We conduct background checks and drug screening of all Forest City candidates prior to hiring and onboarding, and on a routine basis for associates whose daily responsibilities include driving. This due diligence extends to our residential properties, where we conduct background checks of all prospective residents prior to approval of their lease or purchase. </div></div></div></div>Resident & Tenant Health & SafetyExceptional Performance > Resident and Tenant Health and Safety