2016 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORTTHE POWER OF PLACE2016 CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT<img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/CSR/corporate-responsibility.jpg" width="1998" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />



CR Home<div class="restrictInterior generalContent"><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-embedcode ms-rte-embedil ms-rtestate-notify s4-wpActive" unselectable="on"><div class="restrictInterior generalContent" unselectable="on"><div id="csrTiles" unselectable="on"> <a class="csrTile" href="/corporate-responsibility/focused-placemaking" unselectable="on"> <div class="csrTileHeader" unselectable="on">FOCUSED PLACEMAKING</div> <hr class="csrTileHr" unselectable="on" /> <div class="csrTileText" unselectable="on">Our unique ability to create value in our core markets. We use our development and operations capabilities to bring exceptional apartments, offices and mixed-use communities to life</div> <div class="csrTileArrow" unselectable="on"></div></a> <a class="csrTile" href="/corporate-responsibility/sustainable-growth" unselectable="on"> <div class="csrTileHeader" unselectable="on">SUSTAINABLE GROWTH</div> <hr class="csrTileHr" unselectable="on" /> <div class="csrTileText" unselectable="on">Our disciplined and strategic approach to making decisions, allocating capital and managing future growth</div> <div class="csrTileArrow" unselectable="on"></div></a> <a class="csrTile" href="/corporate-responsibility/exceptional-performance" unselectable="on"> <div class="csrTileHeader" unselectable="on">EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE</div> <hr class="csrTileHr" unselectable="on" /> <div class="csrTileText" unselectable="on">Our pursuit of best-in-class operations and processes that support a thriving workplace culture, allowing our associates to achieve their full potential, deliver excellent customer service, and create value</div> <div class="csrTileArrow" unselectable="on"></div></a> </div><h1 unselectable="on">A Leadership Message from David LaRue</h1><div unselectable="on"> <img src="/SiteCollectionImages/CSR/David-CSR.jpg" class="float-right" alt="" />On behalf of Forest City associates across the country, we are pleased to present you with our fifth annual corporate responsibility report.</div><div unselectable="on">Looking back, 2016 was a year of both substantial progress on our continued transformation as a company and solid performance from our business.</div><div unselectable="on">Our efforts as a company are rooted in strategic principles: focused placemaking, sustainable growth and exceptional performance. We executed on these principles to drive greater profitability, strengthen our balance sheet, improve transparency, enhance governance, and increase total shareholder returns.</div><div unselectable="on">Throughout these efforts over the past years, our commitment to corporate responsibility (CR) has remained a constant, enmeshed with our strategy and business practices to help us effectively envision, own and operate world-class real estate that stands out in some of the largest and strongest urban markets in America.</div><h2 unselectable="on">The Power of Place</h2><div unselectable="on">Whether it’s a master-planned, mixed-use project like The Yards in Washington, D.C., or an iconic office tower like the New York Times building in Manhattan, our projects and properties foster a distinctive sense of place that connects people, empowers businesses and energizes communities.</div><div unselectable="on">That core capability and enduring purpose—to create sustainable value by envisioning, owning and operating places where people, businesses and communities thrive—is what differentiates Forest City. It is what we mean by realizing the power of place, the theme of this report and a foundational element of our Forest City brand.</div><div unselectable="on">Our company’s legacy of visionary placemaking is something we are proud to continue through our unique development and exceptional property management capabilities, ensuring that our communities bring people together and have the optimal mix of amenities, service and connectivity to the surrounding areas.</div><h2 unselectable="on">CR Integration & Performance</h2><div unselectable="on">Our mission to create sustainable value by envisioning, owning and operating places where people, businesses and communities thrive drives us to operate with the goals of our cities and stakeholders in mind and maintain a constant focus on improving the environmental performance of our buildings.</div><div unselectable="on">To that end, we are currently developing a new greenhouse-gas reduction goal that will reduce the long-term emissions of our entire portfolio. This new target will align with the long-term GHG goals of our core markets, ensuring that our developments will help our cities achieve their goals of providing clean air to future generations.</div><div unselectable="on">Our constant efforts to enhance our goal setting, tracking and reporting on CR issues aligns with the increased investor demand we’ve seen for transparency and performance in the space. Our continual stakeholder engagement and robust reporting of our progress reflects the integration of CR into our business strategy, which we believe is a necessary element of attracting top talent and continuing our successful relationships with our communities.</div><div unselectable="on">As we continue to build upon our CR progress, people are taking notice. In 2017, Forest City was named in <a href="http://ir.forestcity.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=88464&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=2290218" target="_blank" unselectable="on">Equileap’s Gender Equality Global Report and Ranking</a> as one of the top-performing companies in the world for demonstrating progress in gender equality. We were proud to be recognized for gender balance in leadership roles and programs that promote gender equality and a commitment to women’s empowerment. We look forward to building upon this success through our continued efforts in equal opportunity recruitment, our training and development programs, flexible work options and our Associate Resource Groups.</div><div unselectable="on">We invite you to read about our work and share our excitement as we continue to realize the power of place and create sustainable value for all of our stakeholders.</div><div unselectable="on">Sincerely,<br unselectable="on"><img alt="David_LaRue_signature.jpg" src="/SiteCollectionImages/CSR/David_LaRue_signature.jpg" unselectable="on" style="margin:5px 0px;width:240px;" /><br unselectable="on">David LaRue<br unselectable="on">President and Chief Executive Officer</div></div></div></div> <br> <div id="crpageIntro"><div id="crreportBannerIntro-text"><div>At Forest City, we create sustainable value by envisioning, owning and operating places where people, businesses and communities thrive. Our vision—to be the creative leader in realizing the power of place—is reflected in both our unique capabilities and our exceptional portfolio of world-class properties and mixed-use communities in some of America’s strongest markets. This vision comes into focus through the ongoing execution of our strategic principles, which ground our decision-making and provide the framework for delivering on our commitment to create value for all stakeholders.</div></div></div>Corporate ResponsibilityCR Home



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